Black Friday : The Dark Side Of Black Friday

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The Darkside of Black Friday For most, Thanksgiving is a holiday spent with family and delicious food, but for others, it is a day consisting of tremendous planning in hopes for a major haul of “discounted” items. In the United States, it is safe to say that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events each year. In recent years the public's participation in Black Friday has continued to decline, stated by the National Retail Federation. ”Thirty-five percent of consumers who plan to shop during Thanksgiving week say they will do so on Black Friday, down from 51 percent last year and 59 percent the year before, according to consumer markets research from PwC, the professional services giant.” (Bhattarai). I personally have never been Black Friday shopping, most people in my family favor online shopping, more than in store. I am always nervous my gift for someone will not arrive in time, or I might need to do some last minute Christmas shopping due to procrastination. Although many Black Friday shoppers argue that all the mayhem is worthwhile, closer examination, such as what Black Friday actually is, if the savings are real, and how it is practiced in other countries, prove that the Black Friday hassle is not worth the stress. What started out as a one day shopping event with doorbuster deals turned into countless days filled with long lines, large crowds, and camping outside of stores for hours. Black Friday is always the fourth Friday of November and or the day after Thanksgiving. Even though it is widely practiced throughout the United States every year, it is not recognized as a federal holiday. In the past few years, Black Friday has not just been a one day event. Each store wants to attract more customers than the n... ... middle of paper ... ... Oct. 2017, 12 Nov. 2017. Dostis, Melanie. “5 Of the Worst Things That Have Happened on Black Friday.” NY Daily News, New York Daily News, 24 Nov. 2015, 12 Nov. 2017. Luna, Jennifer. “The Pros and Cons of Shopping on Black Friday.” NerdWallet, 25 Nov. 2015, 12 Nov. 2017. Maddahi, Roxana. “Are Black Friday Deals Worth It?” The Huffington Post,, 21 Nov. 2016, 12 Nov. 2017. “What Is Black Friday? When Is Black Friday 2017?” TheBlackFriday, 2017, 12 Nov. 2017.

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