Black Friday: The Dark Side Of Black Friday

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The Darkside of Black Friday For most, Thanksgiving is a holiday spent with family and delicious food, but for others, it is a day consisting of tremendous planning in hopes for a major haul of “discounted” items. In the United States, it is safe to say that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events each year. In recent years the public's participation in Black Friday has continued to decline, stated by the National Retail Federation. ”Thirty-five percent of consumers who plan to shop during Thanksgiving week say they will do so on Black Friday, down from 51 percent last year and 59 percent the year before, according to consumer markets research from PwC, the professional services giant.” (Bhattarai). I personally have never been…show more content…
Black Friday is always the fourth Friday of November and or the day after Thanksgiving. Even though it is widely practiced throughout the United States every year, it is not recognized as a federal holiday. In the past few years, Black Friday has not just been a one day event. Each store wants to attract more customers than the next, they have come up with some ways to do just that. By leaking their ads early they hope to attract more customers or start the sale a couple days early. Some have even been known to extend the sale a few days after the initial Black Friday. Since stores are now extending the sale longer than one day, there is no more sense of urgency the event once held. Hence the recent decline in the public's participation (“What is Black Friday”). The day after Thanksgiving is the day my family sets up the Christmas tree, so you could say Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season. For others, it marks the beginning of holiday shopping. Most people have the day after Thanksgiving off from work because their employers gave an extra day off for Thanksgiving. Personally, I would take that day as it should be, a rest day. My body is already in a food coma, and I need time to let it settle so I have room for leftovers. Some families have created other Thanksgiving traditions that are not related to Thanksgiving at all but to Black Friday. Bundled up outside their favorite store, waiting hours to get inside just to see if they can snag a couple of discounted items- whether they are needed or