Black Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

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Everyone has their own opinions on education on a variety of subjects. In Hidden Intellectualism Graff explains his point on education by stating schools need to use real world examples in class. Blue-Collar Brilliance by Mike Rose talks about how jobs help people learn by using his mother as an example. Author Nisbett talks about a book that believes your IQ test score is an accurate measure of someone 's intelligence. All three of these authors discuss something that involves with education whether it deals with school, jobs or the IQ scores. In Hidden Intellectualism, author Graff uses his own experience of going to school and Graff being a teacher to show how students learn different. Graff also talks about how just because kids are “street smart” does not mean that the kids are going to do poorly in school but, society just assumes that now (Graff 787). Graff states how real intellectual can turn any subject like math for example into a learning topic. Graff goes on to explain in his article that instead of using examples that kids don 't understand. It is easier for student...

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