Birth Order And Its Effect On Children

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Birth Order Adler’s birth order plays a significant part in how we perceive our lives. Birth order is defined as “is not a deterministic concept but does increase an individual’s probability of having certain set of experiences” (Corey, 2013, p. 108). When we are born there is an automatic label that is placed upon us. We are the oldest or youngest or somewhere in between. Society fosters the idea of birth order and treats us accordingly. Adler’s birth order rings true for many people. As I was reading over the different birth orders, I started thinking of different family members and friends. I wanted to see how they measured up to Adler’s concept of birth order. I found myself stereotyping my friends and family, which is hard not to do when society has such an influence on how you perceive the orders of births. As I continued to read, I started thinking about my own concept of birth order. During my investigation, I found myself identifying with more than just one of them. I was raised by my father’s parents since age 3. My mother was suffering from drug addiction, and father was not sure what to do with a little girl. This is where my grandparents stepped in. My grandparents raised my father and three other sons until I came along. According to my grandmother, I was the little girl they never had. First, I take the positions of the only child of the family. I have sisters and brothers, but was never raised with any of them. As the only child in the home I was spoiled rotten and was not too keen on sharing much of anything. You can imagine going to kindergarten and learning I had to share. I remember this quite well because it was a traumatic experience for a five year old. The older I got,... ... middle of paper ... ...ave a little girl. She has actually said to me that she felt like she had to make up for me not having either biological parent in the home. The way she tried to make-up was with material things. Personally, I feel that birth order is pretty accurate in my case or let’s say I perceive them to be accurate in my life. I believe that birth order had a hand in determining how my parents treated me and guided my personality accordingly. You can discover quite a bit about a person due to birth order. When you start to really think about Adler’s birth order it is very fascinating how we interact with others in our family due to this. Since reading about Adler’s birth order, I became interested to see if there was any correlation between birth order and drug addiction. I have not done any research on it yet, but I plan to further investigate to see.

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