Billy Elliot: Social Determinants Of Health

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Question One – Identify and explain each one of the determinants of health (social, biomedical, environmental and socioeconomic) using examples from “Billy Elliot” to support your answer The movie Billy Elliot provides multiple examples that relate to the four determinants of health – Social, Biomedical, Environmental and Socioeconomic. Social Determinants – Social Determinants are the conditions in which people are born, live, grow, work and age. The social determinants are mostly responsible for the health inequalities presented within society – the inequalities between different countries. Some examples of the social determinants are represented with the movie Billy Elliot. Social Determinants include – Social Gradient, Social Exclusion, …show more content…

The determinants of Social Exclusion, Social Support and Stress were all impacted within the movie. All posing mostly negative risk factors to his life. Social exclusion as mentioned prior to this question is a big factor within the movie. Billy is socially excluded from partaking in ballet because he is a boy. This social exclusion is caused by gender ‘rules’. This social exclusion can impact Billy’s life as he may continue to believe that boys can only do what is considered boys stuff and the same with girls, i.e. boxing is for boys and boys only. This social exclusion may also pose a risk factor towards his health as he may feel depressed or sadden due to this. He has the belief that in order to be a man you must do manly things only and may treat people that want to do ‘girl’ things the same way he was treated. Although, this social exclusion is believed to be a risk factor it may also be seen as being protective of his health. The community may have thought that if he did participate in ballet that he is gay. Calling someone gay when they are not affects them mentally and makes them rethink everything they do in order to not be ‘labelled’ that again. So it was protective of Billy mentally/emotionally in that state but also affected him in other

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the movie billy elliot provides multiple examples that relate to the four determinants of health — social, biomedical, environmental, and socioeconomic.
  • Analyzes how the social determinant of work/unemployment is signalled within the movie. billy's dad and brother were identified as participating in a union strike due to the government closing down multiple coal mines.
  • Explains that social exclusion refers to the social disadvantage, lack of resources, opportunity, participation and skills within society. billy elliot is socially excluded from ballet as he is a boy.
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