Big, Big World, By Emilia Rydberg

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In today’s society, people more and more express themselves and reflect the current social situation with artistic languages. Songs, some of the most important artistic language, have had a huge influence on people’s inner worlds and society’s diverse cultures. Colbie Caillat said,“A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good”(Liscomb 1). Obviously, wonderful songs not only show the artistic forms but also can evoke listeners’ emotions and resonate with listeners through a perfect combination of its lyrics and music. “Big, Big World” recorded by Emilia Rydberg in 1998 (Lachno 1). It was popular in the world because it’s lyrics is catchy and the rhythm of its music is intoxicating. “Big, Big World” conveys a message to young girls who are sad because of lost love: even though girls experience pain in the process of love and loss, they need to learn to grow; despite the fact that life has sorrow, they need to bravely face reality. In the first and the second verse, the description of bleak scenery in the song evokes the girl’s emotions of sadness, which emphasizes how much pain a girl experiences after losing her love. As the first verse goes, “It 's so very cold outside like the way I 'm feeling inside”. The analogy between the cold outside and the feeling that the girl has inside is a clear indication of the sorrow that she is going through because of her song. Moreover, in the second verse, Emilia sings,“Outside it 's now raining, and tears are falling from my eyes”. The mentioning of the tears confirms that the girl is sorrowful that her love ended. The use of the bleak scenery is meant to emphasize on the pain and loneliness felt by the girl and pave a way for emotion changes in the back half of the... ... middle of paper ... ...pite the pain, there is a need to accept reality and grow. The growth means consoling oneself and acting in a mature way for the sake of one 's well-being. The song uses the experience of a young girl to pass a message to young girls who may have been faced with a similar scenario in life. As can be seen in the song, the loss of love has the power to create pain. It seems hard for the girl to forget her love despite convincing herself that she is a big girl and living in a big world, and the man leaving her means noting. Eventually, she accepts and faces reality of the loss. She overcomes her sad emotion, continuously determines to become stronger, and learns how to grow in sorrow and struggle. The song offers a piece of advice to girls that one does not have to be stuck at the same point for a long time since moving on and accepting reality helps in ending the pain.

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