Bible Memory Work

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I rushed to my dresser, pulled out the pack, and read through the instructions. In an hour I was working on my first verse. That verse took me a week of determined repetition before it was firmly stitched into my mind. But I was on my way. That pack and, later, other tools were to become a focal point of my spiritual life. Words to Remember I know how difficult it is to motivate people to memorize Scripture. Churches feature programs, pastors exhort, and disciplers encourage, but little memory work gets done. Our lives in the nineties have become so helter-skelter that we was in my room, praying, when suddenly I said, "What on earth is wrong, Lord? My brain waves have gone berserk." It was then a thought resounded clearly in my head. Remember that Bible Memory Pack you threw in the back of your drawer? Maybe you'd better get working on it. I hadn't thought about it for two days. I remember when I first began memorizing Scripture. I became a Christian in the summer of 1972, after my graduation from College. The next year I decided not to blitz the business world with my presence, so I became a ski bum at Stiat-ton Mountain in Vermont I was a short-order chef at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a maniacal skier the rest of the time. I loved it. One day I received some information from a Christian campus organization. They enclosed a brochure with a listing of their tools and books used in disci-pleship and witnessing. I scanned the list and noticed an offering called "Bible Memory Pack." The blurb explained the secret and the necessity of Bible memorization. So, I added it to my already lengthy list of purchases and sent off the list with a check. Three weeks later I received several books, over a hundred tracts, and my Bibl... ... middle of paper ... ...e you've memorized to another, especially if you begin memorizing whole books of Scripture. You become able to correlate truths and concepts not just words. 8. God gives you the mental capacity for more. One thing I've always worried about in memorizing Scripture was reaching a saturation point. Would my mind reach a point where there was just too much? Would I begin to overflow, unable to retain more? I've been memorizing for over seventeen years now and there's no stopping point in sight. In fact, my mind has become keener, more logical, more able to assimilate data than ever before. It carries over into everything—my work, my home, and my hobbies. The beauty of Bible memorization is that with commitment, anyone, anywhere can do it. You don't have to be a genius. But it does take discipline. You just have to decide that you'll do it. The question is, will you?
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