Benefits Of Wind Energy Production

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1.1 Introduction
South Australia is one of the leading states with great capacity of installed wind turbines. Recently the regional labor government had set a 50% renewable energy target for 2025, in which wind power projects like Ceres project and Horndale project would take that investment to 50% (Vorrath, 2014). This is a strategy which is being used to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, which is believed to be caused by non-renewable energies. As a result the last two coal-fired power stations are set to close early next year. This was announced by Alinta Energy which is coal based, located in Port Augusta (World Today, The (ABC), 2015). In account of what has been said by Tristan Edis an energy analyst and editor of climate spectator, this early closure of Alinta Energy plants is due to competition from wind energy (World Today, The (ABC), 2015). Furthermore, wind energy production has different perspectives which have been taken into account recently. These perspectives include social, economic and environmental issues. The major issue raised against wind power generation, based upon social view, is about health impacts on people living close to wind turbines and the unsightly features to the environment. Though, all these points have not justified so far further research is still in process.
1.2 Wind Energy
1.2.1 Definition
Wind energy is a renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels it’s free and clean (European Wind Energy Association, 2010) that is generated by converting kinetic energy in wind currents into mechanical power. The kinetic energy in the air flow provides force that turns the blades inserted on top of the turbine. A drive shaft provide the mechanical energy to power the generator in the turbine. The place wh...

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... which can affect the nature environment and also wild life, figure 6.
In conclusion wind energy should be used to generate 100% of the state electricity. It is carbon free, it does not emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which harm the environment and even the human respiratory system. Although residents say they cause noise pollution, engineers are working on technological advancements to improve the issue. Furthermore, they provide employment opportunities for the local community, it helps to support the economy. In addition to that, wind power produced can be sold to other countries with electricity shortages, this improves relationships and connections on a global scale. A recommendation that could be taken into account in the future is that, all wind energy companies or projects should consider the impacts wind before decisions are made.

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