Benefits Of A College Education

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From the general time from which a person is able to walk as well as talk the first thing that is usually stressed is to "hit the books".Education is perceived to be the pathway to exit poverty in many situations of those who are brought up having to face hardships. Their parents usually assure them that everything will be alright if your main diet is books. While the college experience can be very joyous with the ample amounts of opportunities to have memories worth a lifetime. A college education may not be required for success because of opportunities of individuals becoming innovative, the option of becoming skilled in a particular field, and the potential debt a college student may face. Individuals who are naturally innovative may not find the time and required desire for a college education. In essence people who are really in a position to never answer to another would be mostly likely an entrepreneurs. To be this you have to take huge risks, but also understand the potential payoff for those particular risks. For example, Bill Gates probably one of the world 's most intelligent minds attended arguably the best college in the nation. However, choose not to attend the university for those crucial four years when in all likelihood he would have been guaranteed a job following graduation. He decided to drop out and pursue his trademark "Microsoft". Bill Gates was scheduled to major in mathematics at Harvard, however he realized the lifestyle of a college student isn 't exactly the most exciting lifestyle considering the lack of money students have during their four year term. Although, Bill Gates life story went from a college student , to college dropout, to becoming multibillionaire may seem attractive tot the average perso... ... middle of paper ... ... person is set up for the long-run in life or not their future is put into jeopardy due to that debt on top of searching for another career. In all a college education can be used to enhance one 's future is used correctly, but for those individuals who do not use this resource the proper way should look for other ways to improve themselves. In today 's contemporary society the view of going away for four years to college is somehow looked down on because of the speed of which it takes for a person to become successful. This view is really ignorant due to the fact that nothing is given easy or given up over night this view should be changed. However, a college education isn 't required for a person to become successful as long as that person exemplifies being innovative, possibly obquiring a high skill level in a particular field , and to avoid the steep line of debt.
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