Belonging Critical Analysis - August Rush

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Belonging comes from an understanding, or the knowledge that an external sense of being comes from an internal sense of connection and safety. For one to have a sense of belonging they must first have and understanding of what belonging is and there should be an internal connection between them and the place that they are belonging to. This critical analysis will reveal how the movie “August Rush” directed by Kirsten Sheridan, relates to the concept of belonging. August Rush is a story of drama with fairy tale elements. August Rush is separated from his parents from birth and he is determined to find them. He believes that if he plays music his parents will hear him and find him. August experiences a constant sense of belonging to his music and through this he belongs to his parents. August finds struggles and trial when trying to belong in certain situations that he is facing. “I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales.” ‘Hearing the Music’ is the opening scene to the movie. August is at peace with the music and his surroundings. This is signified by the soft gentle music and the nature that surrounds him. This is where August believes that he belongs. He longs to be in a place where he can be fully surrounded by the music. During this scene August is narrating, giving his feelings and opinions about music. The narrating style is subjective. It is a personal response and opinionated. He describes what the music is, where it comes from and how it makes him feel. “The music is everywhere; all you have to do is listen.” August is drawn to music. It surrounds him. He belongs to the music. “Listen to the music. I can hear it... it’s all around us.” Belonging can be by choice. “All you have to do is open you... ... middle of paper ... ...face of Lyla and then faded to the close up of Louis’ face which is staring at Lyla. They haven’t seen each other in over ten years. There is a great sense of joy and belonging at the end of the performance, all three look at each other with the knowledge of who each other is. They haven’t said anything, yet they know who each other is. Augusts’ sense of being came from the internal connection that he had with music. He knew that if he played the music then his parent would find him, and that’s what happened. August went through trials and struggles but he chose what to belong to and this is what ultimately saved him from disaster. August and his parents had a common interest of music and this ultimately brought them together and joined their sense of belonging. If you believe in something and strive hard enough you will achieve your goal. Works Cited August Rush
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