Being the Oldest Child

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Being the Oldest Child

The oldest child plays an inimitable role in the structure of her family. She has a propensity to be confident and often craves her independence at an early age. She sets the standard for her younger siblings and realizes that her actions are observed closely by impressionable eyes. This accountability often instills in her a drive to act in a respectable and responsible manner. As the oldest child in a family of eight, I have been persistent in regarding these characteristics and have enabled them to shape my identity.

I like to believe that I was born with a confidence many individuals pine for. As a child, I was never one to hide behind my mother’s dress. Independence often overrode my ability to accept help from others. Math problems can be completed without anyone else’s help and I know that I’ll figure out how to put this contraption together without the assistance of directions. This, “I can take care of myself” attitude enables me to be persistent in achieving various goals. For example, speaking in front of others, social events, and academics tend to be areas of strength for me. I have discovered many downsides to this attitude, however. Stubbornness and a fear of losing my pride are significant downfalls. I went to few study groups in high school and I had a difficult time coping with the fact that I was not always right. I am beginning to discover what it means to have confidence and independence in moderation. Confidence can be beneficial in the sense that it permits you to say what you mean and mean what you say without worrying too much about the judgment of others. Confidence and independence also allow me to present myself in a genuine manner in...

... middle of paper ... determined to do well in life, my siblings will hopefully be determined to do well also. If I am a respectable individual, they will desire respectability. Not only does this pressure keep me in line, but it keeps Meghan, Owen, Maddy, Gracie, and Anna in line.

Perhaps I grew up faster than most, but these “oldest child” characteristics have established the woman I am today: responsible, confident, and ready to set a respected example. I am well aware of who is watching me and I am blessed to have such accountability. I am more than just the oldest of six children. I clear the path for my siblings in hopes that they learn from my illustration. I still have a five year plan. Whether it will come to play in my life is completely out of my hands, but I don’t worry about it too much. Life will go on and probably surprise me as it does each day.

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