Beginners Guide to Becoming an Angler

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Beginners Guide to Becoming an Angler
It is a cool summer morning; an angler trolls around a point on the ghostly lake. He is casting a buzz bait out on top of the calm water. He slowly reels in as the aluminum propeller buzzes through the fog. All of a sudden, through the fog a bass shoots out off the water snatching the bait. The angler experiences a rush. As the adrenaline kicks in, he pulls hard on the rod and hooks the scaly predator in the mouth. So begins the life and death struggle. The man reels and pulls, while the fish swims for dear life, hoping to snap the line as it is getting ever closer to the fisherman’s boat. With a quick tug, the fish surfaces and is yanked into the boat. The angler’s cheer of excitement echoes across the quiet lake as he lips an 8 pound 14 inch largemouth bass. This is the reward of a long day’s work of patience.
Fishing was and is a big part of the progression of man. From feeding families to just fishing for sport, fish have played a key role in history of mankind. Fish were basically the first living organism created by God. “Let the water swarm with fish and other life…” (Genesis 1:20). Jesus also refers to fish a lot when telling parables. Fish have been found throughout many different cultures as food for many. Today it has evolved from being a way to feed family to a sport or hobby. Who can catch the biggest fish? From my experience tournament fishing can be a challenging but relaxing sport.
A good angler knows how to catch the fish but the bass master knows where the fish is. First, we must understand how a fish reacts to certain scenarios by studying fish behavior. This helps us know were fish migrate throughout the lake and also what they feel like eating. Most pro anglers kno...

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...hing I highly recommend and enjoy doing every day.

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