Fishing With the Wounded Minnow Lure

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One of the most commonly used fishing lures is the classic "wounded minnow" lure. Its design allows it to resemble a minnow, or other small fish, that has been recently wounded and can barely swim. The effectiveness of this lure is evident in its length of past use and the continued production of the lure today. The body of the lure is shaped much like a small fish. It is most commonly a shade of gray, and has the basic characteristics of a fish, such as eyes and a mouth. The front of lure is approximately two inches in circumference and gets slightly smaller toward the end. It is made up of a buoyant material that allows it to float close to the surface, where a wounded fish might reside. It is shaped much like a torpedo, and were it not for the large bill at the front of the lure, you might expect it to be very sleek gliding through the water. The bill is located at the front of the lure underneath what would be the head. It resembles the bill of a hat and juts downward at a forty-five degree angle. The bill is almost always clear plastic to keep it from interfering with the overall "wounded minnow" look. When dragging the wounded minnow through water, it is the bill that drives the lure downward and slows it considerably. Along the belly of the lure are two to three treble hooks. A treble hook is a hook comprised of three smaller hooks who's backs have been molded together. The result of this formation is a single shaft with three hooks coming out of it facing different directions. The treble hook is effective for hooking a fish regardless of what direction it strikes the lure. To use the lure effectively, it is necessary to accurately portray what the name implies, a wounded minnow. A fish, like any other creature, is aware that wounded prey is much easier to catch and will find the temptation of an easy meal overwhelming. This means doing away with the standard method of casting a lure and immediately and steadily reeling it back in. To start fishing with a wounded minnow, find the shallow fishing spot you prefer and sit just close enough so that you can cast your lure into the area.

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