Bedford Book Of Genres Analysis

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Bedford Book of Genres explains that “genres are flexible.” Through a recent post on a fellow classmate’s discussion I thought about mysteries. The ability for writers in mystery genres to guide us through their web of twists and turns makes it a genre that has something for everyone. While the theme of the genre may change or the information within the story, a mystery is basically a story, true or false, that centers itself around a mysterious or unexplained event that drives the mystery deeper and deeper. Mysteries have a way of sucking you into the story on the seat of your chair waiting to find out what twist is coming next. They know how to “resonate with readers” and connect with the story. There are several genres of mysteries available out there that can be enjoyed by many different people, with numerous likes and dislikes and in order for this genre to be able to please so many different types of fans it needs to be flexible. …show more content…

Logos is a major factor when writing the plot of any mystery story. “The logic you use as an author or composer also significant when you tell a story. Usually follows a pattern in which the plot and characters unfold in a logical manner to the reader.”In some instances the detective, or person trying to solve the mystery is an average person. The story is laid out so that you know what they know and if you are smart enough, you can solve the mystery as quick, or even before it is revealed, without reading the end. My boyfriend is quite good at this when watching one of my favorite shows, Bones. It is a type of mystery where the story gradually unfolds and the big reveal is shown at the end tying it all together. Quite often I have to tell him to keep it to himself so I can watch the story unfold. In some instances mysteries are derived from real

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