Beauty Pageants: The Negative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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Beauty Pageants
I believe that beauty pageant are an ugly spectacle in which young women are judged based upon their looks and sometimes their “talents.” Often times these beauty pageants are extremely stressful on people and especially the younger children. The beauty pageants are made up of a bunch of fake girls who use many beauty products and aesthetics to make themselves look better. A lot of the time when young children it’s not because they want to it’s because their parent(s) want them to be and they have no choice. There is also tons of money that goes into beauty pageants and a contestant rarely sees much of it back.
Beauty pageants for young children are an ugly spectacle. The children are being judged on how they look and at such a young age everyone knows that looks change all the time as such a young child. As they get older these young girls may come to realize that being judged favorably on the basis of your appearance is the
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By that I mean let the girls be who they really are instead of getting them all glammed up and walking around like human dolls. Parents dressing four year old girls in adult style clothes and makeup with big hair and tanning spray are plotting a Barbie kind of future for their girls. (Freymark) Research shows that reinforcing emphasis on looks and attractiveness leads to negative body image, disordered eating, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. (Freymark) For me I don’t even understand why you would want to continue in pageants if you were to know how much damage it could do to yourself. It is extremely sad so the little girls get judged by their appearance without the judges giving a hoot about their actual personality. Another sad thing is how the pageants teach girls from a very early age that their worth is based on their appearance and nothing else, even though that totally untrue.
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