Bayou High School Case Study

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Main Challenges at Bayou High School Bayou High School is one of three high schools in an independent school district of 20,000. Bayou High School is the oldest high school in the district, and at one time served a predominately upper middle class population. Over the past two decades, the face of the community surrounding Bayou High School has changed. The number of lower income housing units has increased, the minority population has increased, and the unemployment rate continues to rise. The changing demographics of the Bayou High School community are reflective in the Bayou High School student body population (Stader, 2006). In 2005, the school district hired Sharon Grey to be the new principal at Bayou High School. Previously, Sharon had been a vice-principal at Marquis High School overseeing the International Baccalaureate Program. Sharon was recognized for her skills in budgeting, student management, curriculum, public relations, and technology. Sharon spent weeks driving around the Bayou High School community hoping to gain a better sense of where the students lived. Sharon’s observations of the neighborhood provided evidence of a racial, social, and economic divide within the community. Upon Sharon’s arrival into her new position as principal at Bayou, she discovered a number of challenges related to students, staff, parents, and academic achievement (Stader, 2006). Response to Open House Event Sharon’s planned “Open House” event for students, teachers and staff was met with resistance from staff, and overshadowed by the Suburban Journal Report labeling Bayou as a failing school. Some staff strongly opposed the event and stated there was no reason to return prior to the first day of school. Someone anonymously left ... ... middle of paper ... ...agogy regardless of their race or ethnicity (Howard, 2010). References Christy, J (2009). Professional Development and the No Child Left Behind Act. Teaching Today. Retrieved from Howard T.C. (2010). Why race and culture matter in schools: Closing the achievement gap in America’s classrooms. New York: Teachers College Press Kelly, S (2010). A Crisis of Authority in Predominately Black Schools? Teachers College Record Volume 112 Number 5. Retrieved from Spring, J. (2012). American Education. McGraw Hill New York, NY. Stader, D (2006). The Bayou High School Blues. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership Volume 9 Number 2. Retrieved from Wolf, M.A (2009). The Importance of Teacher Professional Development. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from

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