Since I was a child, I loved watching basketball games. I remember when I was around six years old, there was a game on the t.v taking place at OAKA in Greece, and my favorite team AEK was playing against PANATHINAIKOS. The game was going to start at ten o'clock and my dad didn't want me to stay awake to watch it. I started crying as always- when I wanted something I was doing that -and my dad couldn't see me crying so he agreed and said that we were going to watch the game together. I was so happy about that, and I said thanks to my father. All my favorite players were playing and the game was unbelievable. I knew from that night, that I wanted to be a basketball player when I grew up. Unfortunately, we don't always get what we want and the"crying trick" couldn't help me when it happened. I had to choose between basketball and my future. In this essay I will write how and why basketball ended for me and why I chose the new life as a student in U.S.A.

At the age of ten, I found my self playing basketball every afternoon with my friends in my neighborhood on a street field, which we drew the lines on. I was the best player and everybody wanted me to play with their team. I just couldn't stand losing and I was giving my best to win every game I was playing. All of my friends were telling me to go and play for a team. I was just saying that I was not ready for a team yet and I needed a lot of work before that, but nobody knew the true reason. I was ashamed to tell to them that my dad didn't want me to go and play for a team just because his mind was always on the school and the books. "Basketball is not for you my son" he was always saying when I was begging him to let me go,"your...

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... better but it was so risky to play. I tried to, but I couldn't. Then I realized that basketball was over for me and I had to go on with my life and find something else. I decided to go to USA to study after my duty to the army.

Basketball will always be in my mind, and it will always have a place to my heart. At the moment I am watching basketball games, and when I have some free time, I go and shoot some ball. I devoted my self to studying, and one day I will own a basketball team. I know that I can do it because I have a" hart of steel" and I will fight until my other dream comes true. I can never go away from basketball, so by owning a team I will be in basketball again. This could be a good example and a good motivation to those who want to follow their hearts and their instincts. Do whatever your heart tells you and be open to advices from others.

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