Baseball Bat Research Paper

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Modern Materials in Sports
Impact refers to having a strong effect; whether positive or negative, on something or someone. On the other hand, sports refers to a game or contest in which persons engage in certain activities as per the directions of certain rules, and compete with each other. From a sports perspective, impact is mostly used from a positive light, referring to an improvement in the performance levels of an athlete(s). Technologically advanced items have been used for a long time to improve the performance of sports teams, especially since the turn of the twentieth century (Weber, 2014). One such item that has had a tremendous transformation in sports is the aluminum baseball bats.

The Impact of Aluminum Baseball Bats
During the 1970s, a new change which would change the baseball game for the future began. The change came in the form of aluminum bats. The aluminum bats are technologically designed to reduce diameter, thickness and hence result in bats with higher strength, lighter weight and hollow nature as compared to the wooden bats (Science of Baseball: Aluminum vs. Wooden Bats | Exploratorium, n.d.). Initially, a majority of the people viewed the aluminum bats as nothing more than just a metal copy of the …show more content…

The barrel of an aluminum bat is much bigger than that of a wooden bat, but since it is much lighter than wood, the athletes can swing it much faster (Why Aluminum Bats Can Perform Better than Wood Bats, 2006). Additionally, the resilience and hardness of an aluminum bat can directly result in higher speeds whenever the baseball bounces off the bat. The lower leagues of baseball, ranging from college games to the Little League have been dominated by the aluminum bats. Specialists observe that the most noticeable difference between an aluminum bat and a wooden bat is realized through the “trampoline

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