Baroque Music In The Baroque Period From 1600-1750

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Baroque was a period from 1600- 1750. In this period, people in different classes and different religion, they were fought for interests, and then baroque style was created. “Baroque”- this word has variety explanations. One of the explanation is from Spain – “Barroco”, it means Imperfect pearl. One is from an Italian – Charles de Brosses. He said barroco was from the ‘’ Logic’’, it means the description of Syllogism.
In this era, baroque architecture means sumptuous and exaggerating. Generally it happened in churches because they wanted to display their power and how rich they are. This style emphasized on color, light and sculptural. They have strong verve and shocking. In church, they used the circle nave to replace the narrow nave.
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Composers in this era made sure many music stuff, like opera, cantata, Sonata, suite, Fugue, Romanesca and oratorio. They believed music is a communicate tools and let people feel what they felt. Basso continuo, Basso ostinato, Concertato medium, Improvisation and counterpoint were from baroque era. The famous piece was Canon, wrote by Johann Pachelbel. Canon is not a piece name, it is a form style. He used the basso continuo and ground bass to create this piece. Harpsichord was the important instrument in this period. It can be a solo instrument or a accompany…show more content…
Composers in this era added more dressing notes to make music more deluxe. Strong rhythm, short and moving melody were the representative style of this period. Polyphony still was important. At the same time, tonic music developed very well. Usually music played for noble people and played in salon or music hall. Everyone can buy the tickets, but still rare than nobleman. Chorus music played in church, everyone can be there to watch and listen. In this period, contrasting effects was a style for music. Big sounds suddenly turn to small sounds. Normally showed up in concerto grosso. Concerto grosso is the model before the concerto. Orchestra proportion was not be complete to develop until classical period. George Friedrich Handel was born on 23th February 1685. He was an English composer because he was born in Germany but moved to London until he died. He died in England and buried in Westminster Abbey. Many British are so proud of Handel. He composed over forty operas, twenty-nine oratorios, more than 120 cantatas, many arias and sixteen organ concerti. Many famous pieces were created in England. His famous oratorio work is Messiah, and I will discuss this piece for Research

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