Baroque Art

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Disparity between Baroque and Poussin Artistic Works. Baroque refers to an irregularly shaped complex pearl. Baroque period was characterized by creative style, which embraced architectural designs, paintings as well as sculpture. The period is dated back from around 1600 in Rome from where it spread to most of Europe in the early 17th to mid 18th century. Additionally, this artistic period involved discovery of new ideas that reflected the desire of the Catholic Church in Rome to reassert itself in the wake of Protestant Reformation. Classicism can be defined as a stylistic art in literature, music and visual art that takes the art of perfection of the ancient Greece and Rome from the middle Ages of the 18th century and seeks to be recognized…show more content…
For instance, the great success that Bernini achieved was vividly making Saint Teresa vividly in the throes of Ecstasy. Bernini did this by translating Saint Teresa’s spiritual experience into a physical one that its worshippers could observe. According to Hunt, the Ecstasy has a passionate drama that evokes an emotional response from the observer (87). Also, it was believed that Counter Reformation theatricality and sensory experiences could increase the devotion and holiness of worshippers.

However, unlike Baroque art, Classicism of Poussin focused on idealized classical images that talked about magnificent heroic stories from history in the West such as Discovery of Achilles on Skyros. Poussin paintings verified a mix of influences from traditional antique and trait to the Renaissance. These paintings created various influences among various individuals, but the influences brought pleasant homogenous composition in the
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However, from the beginning of his Poussin’s career, his paintings were easily recognized for his notable prominence on line and contours. This revealed that he was more interested in craftsmanship as well as the spur of the tradition. In his Classicism, the pose, gesture and facial expression of each portrait was important as it depicted the overall meaning without detailed thinking.

Barogue’s art is believed to have been exaggerated, this is because, and the expression of his sculptures was overdone, stale and insincere. (Janson et al. 743) argues that his work was unoriginal and full of vivid expressions. For instance, his music manifests development of free standing instruments. However, it is tricky to create a relation between music and art just the same way it is hard to relate the Reformation and Counter Reformation period of that time. Additionally, the Council of Trent ruled that, art ought to be free from sin and rather, it should aim at bringing individuals closer to church and increase their love of god. Conversely, Baroque’s artistic music does not bring individuals closer to the love of God, as it brings them closer to the love of
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