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In the articles “Springing Forward” by Barbara Kingsolver and “Are Engineered Foods Evil?” by David H. Freedman, the main topic of discussion is about genetically modified foods. When reading the two articles there is are some similarities and differences between them. The two authors have different views on genetically modified foods. In “Springing Forward”, Barbara Kingsolver says, "whiz-kid hybrid seeds have slowly colonized and then dominated our catalogs and our croplands" (46). Her main point within the article states that today there are few heirloom vegetables because of the increase in genetically modified vegetables. Heirloom seeds are defined as seeds that are saved from the previous generation so that new crops can be grown and Kingsolver states that, "GM is a newer process …show more content…

Throughout the article she implies that heirloom seeds are better than genetically modified seeds because for three reasons. The first reason is that they tell a story about the previous generations as it may have been a seed passed down from one owner to another or it may have had significance in someone’s life. The second reason would be due to the taste of the heirloom vegetables compared to genetically modified vegetables taste. Kingsolver says that heirloom vegetables have a better flavor than the genetically modified vegetables. When someone eats a heirloom vegetable they are able to taste the sweetness or sourness of it as the genetically modified vegetable a person will either cannot taste anything from it or it has little taste. Another reason Kingsolver favors heirloom is because throughout her life she had grown seeds that did not contain any genetic modification. She talks about the garden that she had in her life which had many different varieties of vegetables. When she wanted to plant her vegetables, she had planted them as seeds not as a slightly grown plant that you could get from the store or the nursery. The

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