Barack Obama´s Presidency and Loa Tzu´s Philosophy

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Individuality is the substance that differentiates us from each other. One’s individuality can be very hard to hold to when society is constantly demanding that we conform into its norms. It is a constant struggle for us as individuals to hold onto our sense of style, manner of speech and even our expression of thoughts while having to battle the constant bombardments of laws that supposedly keep us just. Although, these laws have imposed on our supposed inalienable rights which are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, we have kept them because within a set limit we can freely express ourselves (Jefferson 262). However, our government has recently decided to destroy the very last bit of this limited freedom we had left.
This freedom is the very basis for individuality and it is also the foundational idea for which our nation has been rooted upon. Then why has the government turned against this foundational idea? It has become evident that the rising national debt is causing tremor within the government but is that enough of a reason to adopt a new style of governing? Our government proposes peace and unity of this nation as long as we give up our individuality to the ruler ship of Barack Obama, who has decided to adopt the teachings of Lao-Tzu, which states that the president-the master-is“above the people” (Lao-Tzu 214). When the president begins to esteem himself to be higher than his people, there is no longer a representation of the people; it has now become a declaration of a sovereign ruler-the master. It has become evident that we have forgotten the wars that were fought to liberate us from the system of a monarchy and we have now allowed a system that is far worse. Therefore any leader that accepts such a syste...

... middle of paper ... abused and perverted before the people can act through it” (Thoreau 305). The government that was once a protector of the weak, the minorities and even the bullied has now become an attacker of not only one’s individuality but also the society as a whole because of its desire to become efficient. One rights to their personal religion is being destroy
Furthermore, in every teaching of Loa Tzu, he emphasizes that the world needed to submit to the “natural rhythms” of the Toa in order for the “whole world to be transformed” because it is impossible for an individual or individuals to “improve the world” unless they were the master-the sovereign ruler, whose attributes are god-like ( Loa-Tzu, 208-209). Therefore, the idea of one’s individuality is not supported under the current of Toa because every being under the system of Toa must be subjugated under the Master’s.
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