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How Barack Obama’s Culture Influenced His Leadership Barack Hussein Obama II, 44th President of the United States and first African American to become president in United States history. Although he was of African American race, his life experiences were a huge impacted on Obama’s leadership. Looking at former President Barack Obama’s life, we can recognize how his culture deeply influenced his leadership. In this paper, an analysis of his life and leadership career will be further examined. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii in August 4, 1961 to Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham. His father was from Kenya and his mother from Wichita, Kansas (Barack Obama Timeline, n.d.). Being raised in Hawaii with an American mother and his father from Kenya. Barack…show more content…
Obama’s African-American roots, different cultural background, and life experiences influenced his leadership. As I previously mentioned, experiencing poverty and watching children die from illnesses while living in Indonesia. Would later influence him to expand children’s health care programs and implement a health care reform named Obamacare, all this was done in his eight years as president. Furthermore, Barack Obama’s race, family, culture, travels, and hometown of Chicago helped him built a diverse background that would later help him as a leader. The film Made in Chicago: The Making of Barack Obama (2008) explains, how working as a community organizer taught him heaps amount of knowledge he’d use for his advantage. He learned how to speak to new audiences, different people, and especially learned how to work for a common goal aside from their differences. The city of Chicago also taught him the flaws the education system had. Furthermore, the film clearly explains how Barack Obama’s Chicago culture personally influenced him. “My experience is rooted on the south side of Chicago who I fought for as an organizer…rooted in the lives of the people I stood up for as a civil rights lawyer when they were denied opportunity…because of what they looked like or came from” (Made in Chicago, 2008). This statement clearly addresses how his…show more content…
His passion has always been to help others while defending their civil rights. Obamas intelligence, charisma and cultural background helped shape him to the great leader he was serving as a president of the United States. These qualities not only guided him to become an excellent and powerful leader, but it also gained the trust and gave hope to the African-American community, minorities, Americans, and future

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