Backmatter: An Analysis Of Boy Meets World

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Backmatter: Every episode of “Boy Meets World” essentially has three main layers. First layer: Mr. Feeny is teaching a lesson in the classroom, or at his home, that will somehow be relevant to the characters’ lives for that episode. Corey will object initially to this lesson, but later on he understands/appreciates the impact of the lesson. He will usually express to Mr.Feeny that he now understands him, sometimes subtly, other times overtly. Second layer: the shows protagonist Corey is trying to solve some sort of problem, be that a problem he has created for himself, a moral dilemma, school house rebel rousing, issues with friend, etc. Third layer: supporting characters have some sort of story line. Most often (in season one) Corey’s brother…show more content…
In the nightmare everyone, even Mr.Feeny and Shawn, is ignoring Corey. Corey has no idea why no one is talking to him, so he gets frustrated and walks up to the front of the class and says (something along the lines of): “hello hello Corey here, remember me. Kid that’s been in your class all year.” No one responds to Corey, so he jumps on the table and does a silly dance trying to get the classes attention. After failed attempts of grabbing their attention he goes to sit at his desk, but Mr.Fenny tells him this his kind of people must sit in the back of class. After Corey asks what he means by that, Mr.Feeny tells him that he means Curly haired people. Corey is sad as he walks to the desk in the furthest corner of the class, that has an uncomfortable seat. Throughout the rest of the dream no one talks to him, even when he goes home his mother ignores him, and tells him that she is embarrassed to have a child with such curly hair. Corey can no longer eat dinner at the table with his family. The dream ends with him going up to his room crying. Corey will wake from the dream confused, and shaking, with his mom on his bedside trying to calm him down (apparently, he had been making frightening noises in his sleep.) When Corey goes to school the next day he notices things are strange, still no one is talking to him. Throughout the day he will experience different discriminatory acts. The next day at lunch he…show more content…
Eric has a talk with his dad about it and his dad tells him, if he likes the girl then to date her. He also tells him that he aught to stay away from friends who think that he shouldn’t date a person because of their skin color. The scene following the end of the episode will be Eric walking down the hallway with his girlfriend. One of his friends will try to say something to him, and Eric will say (something like): “oh I don’t speak to your kind of people… ignorant people that

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