Baba Ayub's Sacrifice Essay

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Sacrifice is an important part of life. Most people have sacrificed in order to make their lives, someone elses lives or simply the world better.Sacrifice shows character and provides proof of someone's values and morals. In the novel “And The Mountains Echoed”, by Khaled Hosseini, many characters make sacrifices. The character Baba Ayub is a perfect example showing sacrifices project one's values more vividly than anything else. Baba Ayub’s sacrifice was extremely emotional and hard. It was to give away his favorite son to a divv and allow his son to stay in a camp where his life would be perfect and he will be taught immense knowledge and never will go hungry rather than making him go back home with him and have a life of hardship and intense …show more content…

He chose to stand up to the divv and because of this the divv granted him the ability to see his son that last time to make the impossible choice.As stated by the Div in Saboor’s story Baba Ayub is a “...good father”. This sacrifice made by Baba Ayub provides perfect insight at the sacrifices made by characters in the rest of the novel. It showed what motives other characters in the novel may have for making certain sacrifices without having to give the reasons directly. For example, Saboor’s choice to sacrifice his ability to see his daughter and all all ties with her for money to save his other children from freezing and starving during the winter, while in turn saving her from the constant hardship of poor life and giving her lavish rich life where she will live comfortably. Hosseini does a great job at using baba Ayub's story to explain a difficult sacrifice made by Saboor. Hosseini used Baba's story to explain a difficult sacrifice made by Saboor by using it as a bedtime story told by Saboor to his children the night before he leaves to take his daughter to her new family’s house. It was a very touching story and effectively showed and explained Saboor’s decision, morals and

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