Austin's History as the Capital of Texas

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1. When did Austin become the capital of Texas? Why do you think it was chosen as the capital over more thriving cities? In the 1830s, the pioneers started to stay in the central Austin territory, near The Colorado River. Later Mirabeau B. Lamar, the Vice President of the Republic of Texas, stayed around the central Austin area during a buffalo hunting excursion, he suggested that the republic’s capital could be shifted there at the central Austin then called Waterloo in 1839. This site was on the north of Colorado River. Austin was chosen to be the capital of the Republic of Texas because after the independence of Mexico, Texas became an independent state. During 1839, the Texas Congress was looking for a place to name the capital in honor of Stephen F. Austin. The president Lamar, suggested investigating the site called Waterloo, which had nice hills, big and beautiful surroundings with the companion of waterways. The place was very convenient with its crossroads and route the led to the North of Mexico, Galveston Bay, Red River and Santa Fé. 2. What impact do you expect Austin experienced on its, economy, population, and culture after being chosen as the Texas capital? The impact that the city of Austin experienced was a great growth during the 19th century. The city constructed the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas, and with it became a center of government and education. Austin became a bigger city in all aspects, one example is the growth in the technology and business centers by the 1980s. Along with the growth in their economy, it also became a demand of the public services. They incorporated public transportation, there were more people buying cars, parks and recreation places were built, highways, toll... ... middle of paper ... of the city of Austin, but it didn’t show the positive thing that the city has. I strongly believe that Austin has gained the opportunity to keep being the capital of Texas. Its diversity of cultures has shown us that people can get along with each other with no problem. The economic growth had generated great amount of big and small businesses that benefit their citizens. The diversity of little business like radio stations, live performances of music and theater presentations have given the people a new perspective of what art is. Historical museums educate along with the school and universities. In my final thought, yes, I do believe that there are other states that could become the new Texas capital, but I strongly believe that Austin was the right choice at the time of becoming the capital of Texas. This decision has brought benefits for all the Austinites.

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