Attracting More Fans to College Games

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Attracting More Fans to College Games

Where are the fans? That is the most commonly asked question at a University football game. During the past few years at University football games, the university has been lacking with their football fans. How come nobody comes to the games? At most universities, football season is the largest season of the year. People spend hundreds of dollars on season tickets and go out of their way to attend the games. What can the university do to attract more fans to their games?

It all begins with SOS and SOS+. Those are the freshman orientations. Every freshman has been through it and knows what I am talking about. Many of the SOS and SOS+ leaders told the freshman during orientation that nobody goes to the football games instead, they go to the basketball games. As a freshman you want to do everything that you can to fit into the crowd. Of course if an older student tells you that it is not "cool" to go to a football game, then most likely you are not going to go. Freshman Lucy O'Kelley says, "I was scared to go to the football games after my SOS+ leader told me that nobody went to them. I thought I would be they only one sitting in the stands, so I did not attend the games this past season." If most of the freshman felt that way then that was about 900 possible fans that the SOS and SOS+ leaders scared away. They are supposed to be leaders of the university, but yet they are scaring the fans away.

The game day needs to be changed. If the games were held on Thursday nights instead of Saturday mornings that would improve the turn out of fans. Most people want to watch their favorite football teams such as Alabama and UT play Saturday instead of going to our university football game. Former university football player John Autry says, "There were some games when the university players paid more attention to what was going on in the Florida game." A lot of university students go home on the weekends, so they are not even here on Saturdays. Friday nights are out of the question because that is when everyone wants to watch his or her brother or sister play high school football. If the game started at 7:00 p.

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