Atlas Shrugged Strike Discussion Essay

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When the Starnes heiress to the Twentieth Century Motor Company instituted a policy that would pay workers according to their need, but only demand that they work according to their ability. When John Galt heard this, he refused to agree to the pay scheme and stormed out of the meeting room. He began a strike of what he called the “men of the mind,” the creative men who contributed value to society. Many of them quit their jobs and moved to Midas Mulligan’s valley, but many of them took unskilled, underpaid jobs as part of their strike. John was right in starting his strike because it is not fair to expect someone to work for another’s sake. On Dagny’s way to the recently destroyed Taggart Tunnel, she meets a hobo looking for work in the west. He explains to her that he used to work at Twentieth Century, and the impact the new pay system had on the workers. In no time, the ablest men found that they could no longer be paid for their merit, so they became the laziest and the neediest in the company. Women began to have more children because more children meant less work and more money...

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