Asian American Stereotypes Essay

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As an Asian American, I have several points to discuss in terms of stereotypes. Through a variety of media, Asian Americans are portrayed by socially constructed stereotypes that are either positive or negative to our community. By explaining the definition of a stereotype and listing three specific ones identified, these points reflect our cultural values. These stereotypes include the concept of model minority, the insinuation that Asians are highly skilled at mathematics, and assumptions of our food ways. In each stereotype, I integrate my own experiences to provide a deeper depth of meaning that will allow one to evaluate whether these stereotypes do mirror our society’s customs. A stereotype can have multiple meanings, but one of the most prevailing definitions is that it assumes that groups are representable through a consolidated…show more content…
Whenever I was asked if I was having rice for lunch today, I felt a sense of a macroaggression in that question. However, I understood that it was not meant to be insulting but was a common stereotype among Asian Americans. This stereotype assumes that we always eat this source of refined carbohydrates because it is commonly seen among most of our meals. However, what society seems to disregard is that our meals are more varied than just having rice each time. In fact, many Asian American dishes can range from complex soups and intricate side dishes composed of fermented beans, steamed fish, pickled cabbages, and more. By regarding these different sides to our diet, society cannot assume that the Asian American diet is completely “consumed” by rice. Rice does serve as a basis of the diet, but is not the larger component of every meal nor is it present each time. I do agree that rice is inherently part of our culture, which makes this stereotype partly true, but it cannot be fixed into all aspects of our

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