Ashe Memorial Hospital Case Study

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In this case study it is apparent that there are many problems and also somewhat of domino effect between each issue. Ashe County is home to about 26,000 people. Within this county alone the poverty and age percentage rates are higher than the United States’ percentage rates, and the majority of people have Medicare or Medicaid as their insurance. With the economic downturn in the county’s external environment, their visitor rates have dropped significantly. Many business owners have shut their doors and it is estimated that somewhere between 350 and 400 jobs have been lost in the past 2 years. The unemployment rate has also doubled to 14.7 percent. Not only is the county low on job supply in general but they are also low on healthcare providers. There is a significant detriment of dental and specialty providers; there are less than two dentists per every 10,000 people. Ashe Memorial Hospital is only a 25 bed hospital and it finds it difficult to recover from physician loss or physician change. Since many residents of this county are Medicare, Medicaid beneficiaries, or are unemployed, the hospital makes very little profit if any at all off their patients. Very few patients have a private insurance …show more content…

This way, is it clear and concise as to what each employee can do improve the functioning of the hospital. All issues, concerns and ideas that are brought up during this session should be documented for each department’s representative to bring back to the employees who they work with. By supplying a few people with a message to relay to others who work in the same department, we are increasing the chances of changes occurring in the organizational culture of the hospital. As a result of that, the organizational structure improvement is to follow. If everyone within each part of the hospital in on the same page, the hospital as a whole will operate more like a fine-tuned

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  • Analyzes how ashe county's poverty and age rates are higher than the united states' percentage rates. with the economic downturn, visitor rates have dropped significantly, and 350 to 400 jobs have been lost.
  • Explains that ashe memorial hospital is a 25-bed hospital that makes little profit off its patients. the hospital provides employment for about 300 people, so if it were to shut down, the consequences would be horrible.
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