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“Give me a bowl of special noodle. Where were you at? I’m waiting you for a long time. Hurry up!” The man shouted at the waitress in the very crowded restaurant and didn’t even give her a look. She didn’t reply but went back to the kitchen. That was a case that I witnessed in the restaurant next to my house. Therefore, when I read the article “Can I Get You Some Manners with That?” written by Christie Scotty, I can understand why Scotty feels kind of angry when the way others treat her depend on her jobs. I agree with her in part, but I believe not all people treat other that way.

In the article, Christie Scotty believes that people treat others based on occupations. “I long ago realized my profession is a gauge that people use to see how smart or talented I am”, she writes. In order to prove her thought, Scotty tells us some examples about her situation. Being a reporter, the readers treated her very cordially. However, when she left that job and took a job waiting tables, plenty of customers judged her as though she were a peon. She mentions “Many of my customers did not get the difference between server and servant.” Therefore, the author believes that people only behave courteousness if money is involved or their relationship centered on “gimme”.

Scotty makes some good points here. I too have seen some people act very impolite. As a cashier in a beauty supply salon for almost a year, I have met three kinds of rude customers. The first kinds of buyers are the people who just care about their benefits and are never concerned about others’ thinking. A woman came to my beauty store to ask for something free because she spent over three hundred dollars. But I explained that we were whole sale, and all the prices here were already cheaper than other stores. However, she still kept asking for some stuffs free of charge. Seeing I was busy with another customer, she replied, “You’re so cheap.” Then she left. Other kinds of customers are quick-tempered people. For example, once I answered the phone, a guy was yelling at me without saying any greeting. “Where’s my stuff? Why didn’t you send it to me? I really need it for today” he questioned me with a “heavy” tongue. After asking him to recheck his order patiently, he found out that he forgot to order it.
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