Art Therapy

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If there was one thing about kindergarten and grade school that we enjoyed the most would probably be arts and crafts time. We got a break from the mind-boggling math problems, but we also could have time to draw pictures of whatever we wanted to take home to our parents. You know the routine....teacher places a blank sheet of paper in front of you, decorates the table with tons of crayons and markers, and lets us go at it for a good twenty minutes or so until we have a finished product, right? But if you take a deeper look at the portraits drawn, is it just a harmless picture that a five year old drew or does it have deeper meaning to it. You know the old cliche: "A picture is worth 1,000 words", well art therapy really supports this theory. The method of art therapy is spreading rapidly among therapists in Maine. Instead of using the traditional psychiatric couch, they are substituting it for some drawing paper, a box of crayons, different color paints, brushes, and modeling clay. The therapists use this method in order to reach out to their younger therapy patients. "You...

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