Aristotle Outline

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(p.44) 1: Aristotle goes on and describes that being good is a goal that all need to achieve. Like everything a human does should be a trivial to make them pure. 2: Striving to live a good and virtuous life by exercising our ability to reason. Reasoning, in his eyes, in the fountain to a more happier lifestyle and should be practiced by everyone. 3: You can’t be happy if you don’t have a moral compass. If you do not have a sense of what is right and what is wrong, it’ll make you a ultimacy unhappy person. 4: It is stated to be that virtue is what humans should work towards, to being a good person. To be a good person is to increase two different types of virtue, an intellectual and a moral one. 5: Aristotle believed humans must practice and set outside what they are used too.…show more content…
(p.67) 1: Nodding means that true caring is a mural relationship. You are only obligated to care for someone that is able to care for you as well. 2: By offering guidance during actual hardship and develop a relationship with the other person. 3: That our mortality can change depending on our feelings half of the time. Our sentiment can influence what we care for. 4: Natural caring is more influence on an instinct that humans have. A feeling that pushes someone to care without much in return. Like a mother to its child, it is a natural to want to care for it. However, an ethical caring is more relied on us sacrificing one’s self to find the same love in return. It is more to care for people who can care for you in return. 5: The ideal vision of caring, or reaching to your best self, is when you’re in a state of ‘sameness’. To have an equal relationship by having everyone one involved. 6: Because no relationship should be uneven to Nodding. Time and affection should be spent on the one around us.
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