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Preface Sitting with a group of friends over dinner one night in a restaurant, I raised the question, what is Europa? My normally well-informed friends were totally silent. No one had any idea of what or who Europa is. So I realized that in writing about it I had first better explain it. We live on planet Earth. Being a planet, Earth orbits (encircles) the Sun while the moon orbits the Earth. These paths are both roughly circular. Human beings have always wondered whether we are alone in the universe in that we have human life on our planet. We have also wondered whether life exists in other places in the universe. So far, at least, it doesn’t look like it. But we are searching for it. Life will exist only if there is water. …show more content…

The moon travels in an elliptical orbit around Jupiter, the largest of the planets in our solar system. Our moon circles our planet once every 28 days or so, but the moon Europa circles Jupiter once every 3.5 days. It is the most likely near-place to find life as we know it. The astronomers decided this at least on the basis of the fact that Europa has water, lots of it. More than our planet has. In fact, our astronomers have decided that Europa has a water-ice surface with oceans. That makes it an extremely likely place to find life. We have found that all living things on the Earth require water to live. This is true no matter how biologically extreme they are or how exotic. For the last twenty years, we have focused our attention upon Mars, to seek evidence of ancient bodies pf water. More recently, however, we have been focusing on a totally different direction, namely, on that of the moon, Europa. The Galileo spacecraft, in the late 1990s discovered that Jupiter’s moon, Europa, has an icy crust, and that there may be a thick layer of water hidden beneath its outer layer of ice-water. That is, there may be a very large global ocean underneath the ice. There may be several times as much water on Europa as there is on the

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