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Every day, more and more attempts of banning books and taking away the rights of our First Amendment get violated. The challenging of a book is the attempt to remove or restrict materials, and the banning is the removal of these materials. I believe that books should not be banned for these reasons. Books are usually challenged with the best intentions- to protect mainly children from difficult information and ideas. According to the article "Indian state bans Gandhi book after reviews hint at gay relationship", Joseph Lelyveld's book was banned after reviews said that there were hints that there was a homosexual relationship regarding the father of India- Gandhi. However, Lelyveld states that there were no parts in his book that said anything about racism or being bisexual. Psychoanalyst Sudhir Kakar states "It is quite a wrong interpretation" in regards to what reviewers said about Lelyveld's book. This goes to show that any book can be banned just because some people interpret it in the wrong way. What other books may have been banned for this same reason? As I looked through t...
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