Argumentative Essay On Recreational Hunting

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Tyler Alvarado
Professor Newtoff
Bio 105 Online
8 October 2017
Recreational Hunting
Recreational hunting is a huge controversy whether it’s local, regional, or international, I know from being a hunter there are several pros and cons to hunting. The question is, should recreational hunting be allowed? First off what is “recreational hunting”? Well, refers to it as “Rec hunting is hunting for pleasure or sport, instead of trade hunting, which is hunting to kill animals for trade (by the way, no animal has become extinct by rec hunting.)”. I believe recreational hunting is a great thing and more people should partake in it as it is a great hobby and an even better skill. While some people may disagree with that, that’s okay but I
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I am proud to call myself a hunter and be a part of that statistic, I’ve only been hunting for a few years but I fell in love with it as soon as I started; just as my grandpa had when he was a young man. Hunting is a hobby, sport, and even a way of life that has been passed down through many generations, and that’s how I got my start. I believe so many people aren’t apart of that active hunter’s statistic because many believe hunting is bad, cruel, or unnecessary. Some of these people believe that because that’s what they are told, but I believe it’s mainly because they may not be knowledgeable enough of all the aspects of hunting. “Does recreational hunting have a role in conservation?” by Associate Professor Graham Hall and, “Can hunting endangered animals save the species?” by Lara Logan, help me prove that it’s not all these things some believe it to be. I personally believe the number one reason people are afraid of hunters hunting is that they believe that animal may go instinct, but what many people don’t know is that hunting helps the animal species population; and not just the one they are hunting, it helps all species in that ecosystem in some way. As crazy as that sounds let me explain, I’m sure your thinking “well if you kill a bunch of Oryx (large antelope) then the number of Oryx will keep decreasing till they are all gone” but what is actually happening is when…show more content…
While I don’t completely agree with everything PETA states in their article some of their points were valid, but some were exaggerated. The first thing PETA mentions in the opening paragraph is that hunting led to the extinction of animal species such as the Tasmanian tiger and the great auk. (PETA, 2013). Hunting can honestly have that effect if it is not controlled as in how may can be killed or when that species can be killed. In fact, a study in the PETA article had 8o deer and out of those 80 deer, 22 had been shot, but only 11 were wounded and never recovered. That study alone shows us the effects of hunting, and not only just dying; another study done says a smaller part of the deer shot suffered more than 15 minutes (PETA, 2013). So, anyone reading these articles can notice the animals suffer a lot before dying; if they die. Hunting is a dangerous sport, it can cripple animals, make them suffer a long time, and worse case makes the species go
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