Argumentative Essay On Life Support

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Life support is an issue that is very controversial, people on both side have strong opinions. Life support is the treatment and technique that is usually performed in a critical care, in order to support life after a failure of one or more vital organs. Life support is used temporarily until the illness or the disease is stabilized and body can function normally on its own. I strongly disagree the use of life support in brain dead patients. I against life support with brain dead patients, because of the prolonging pain and suffering. I know it is hard to see a love one’s go, but life support is not the right decision. When people talk about life support, they basically mean ventilation.

Ventilator is a machine that helps someone breathe, and also ease oxygen flow through the body. Most people on life support are usually brain death. Brain dead patients are legally considered dead. People sometimes confused brain dead with coma; however people in coma will have some neurological signs. A life support machine maintains
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It is clear that in order for survival potential, the body must have the capacity to heal. I believe that such technology interfere with nature and immoral. Brain dead patients on life support only prolong the dying process. This possibly prolongs their suffrage too. Most family members rather have a pleasant memory during the process of death. Its involve numerous emotions, but I prefer a peaceful death. Most of us believe that all effort should be made to preserve life, but unfortunately not in the case of brain death. As humans being, the right to live is part of the basic needs, but we want to live healthy or at least be aware of our surroundings. Every humans being deserve all the best quality in life. No one wants to see their love ones through the process of dying, that’s one of the reasons we should stay strong and make it easier not only for them but for us
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