Argumentative Essay On Ivory Trade

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$80 million dollars will be gained in the next three years for ivory trading. Poachers have been hunting Elephants for their ivory for 30 years. Even though ivory trade is illegal, many people need money for food and other important things. As a kid, I witnessed farm animals get tortured by the hands of human and they were killed so they can be used for food that people can eat. A decade later, the world hadn’t adjusted to preserving animals and protecting them from people who show no shame and honor to life. My position is that I am against it because elephants are very vital to ecosystems around the world, elephant poaching shouldn’t be another source of income for countries that need money, and the eradication of elephants in the world for their ivory illustrates that it is immoral and wrong. In the early 1970s, demand for ivory soared and the amount of ivory leaving the prodigious land of Africa rose to levels not seen since the start of the century. This disastrous announcement came as the worst thing that had happened to animals was since man ruled the world many centuries ago....

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