Argumentative Essay On Birth Order

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Are siblings adversaries or supporters? Maybe they are both? Depending on where life takes an individual , siblings can be all the above. The order in which people are born affects them in several ways. People think they decide their own fate , but in reality if a person were raised in a room by themselves , would they still have the same character? Outside forces, such as birth order ,influences folks more than they realize. Birth order impacts a child’s lifestyle and choices well into adulthood ,in a negative or positive way , clear through personality, diet/weight, career ,and academic success. Generalized personalities are evidence birth order has a significant role in shaping children. Parents groom their children based on the order…show more content…
Yes, most of the time firstborns carry the most responsibility and set high expectations for younger siblings. But being the most likely to succeed? This is not entirely true. According to an article published in April 2017 , “middle children are more likely to become CEOs than their other siblings” (Hosie). But why is this ? Middle children and first borns typically develop contrasting personalities. "Once a role is filled by the firstborn, the second-born will seek out a role that's completely the opposite" (Lorenzi). This implies both parties are competing with one another to be the best. Second borns compete to get better grades even though first borns have higher intelligence quotients (IQs) . It is similar to a basketball tournament. The only difference is there is no obvious…show more content…
Even at a young age, a profession is chosen out of interest. Interest follows a person from infancy to childhood. From childhood to adolescence. From adolescence to adulthood. And from adulthood to seniority. It takes up a lifetime. When someone has a lifetime to grow ,expand their interest ,broaden their personality, and experiences how could birth order not influence them when birth order was the origin for all of these things? It is called the domino effect, one event causes a string of even more events. Given that birth order has already influenced the child’s personality and what calling they choose in adulthood, both of these factors support the claim, it can also impact diet and weight. Weight is often overlooked as a genetic thing , but what people also do not know is career choice has a lot to do with weight. Office jobs do not favor exercise. Movement is limited unlike a job that requires physical labor. Middle children are less likely to develop health problems ,yet are high risk for developing chronic fatigue accredited to being the mediators in life

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