Argumentative Essay About Reality Shows

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Television shows are not the same as they used to be. Little House on the Prairie, Lassie, The Cosby Show, and Family Ties are all shows my mom and grandma used to watch growing up. Reality shows did not exist. The closest reality show, back then, may have been People’s Court; which was a favorite of my grandmother. The shows aired today have borne a drama addicted society, whom have engraved these shows into their daily routines. Shark Tank, Survivor, Keeping Up with The Kardashians are only a few popular shows among the media world. There are many opinions, negative and positive, pertaining to reality shows. Reality shows promote negative concepts in the areas of the audience’s morals and beliefs, their participation in bullying, and within…show more content…
Reality shows, full of romantic relationships and religious differences, can provide insight to different lifestyles. The show, Teen Mom, portrays the obstacles faced when pregnant at a young age. During earlier times, the concept of being a mother during one’s teenage years was unspeakable and considered a disgrace. However, the show emphasizes the fact that teenagers are sexually active before marriage and condones such premature actions. Pregnancies, outside of wedlock, have become more common and will probably continue to rise, causing a conflict between society and its religious foundation. In a religious aspect, it is unlawful and against the Ten Commandments to commit adultery and sexual immorality before marriage. Reality shows have strayed away from orthodox practices and have challenged society 's belief…show more content…
Confidence can determine if one will apply for a higher position in their career or wake in the morning with a positive mindset. Within the younger generations, self-worth and self-image have become concerning and difficult topics . Reality TV shows have further aided in the process of degrading its audience’s self-esteem. Young girls grow up thinking that being a size over a five is distasteful. That particular mindset can permanently scar one’s confidence and lead one to partake in unhealthy habits. The reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, have recently became popular based off the performers and their lifestyle. The Kardashian family live in an extravagant house located in Los Angeles, California with fame, beauty, and wealth at their footsteps. It is hard to look at their lifestyle, full of expensive cars and dream jobs, and not compare it the ordinary life most people

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