Persuasive Essay On Reality Shows

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This essay examines three reality TV shows: MTV's The Real World: Denver, CBS's Survivor: Cook Islands, and the FX network's miniseries Black. White. The essay argues that the reality shows promote differences in individuals. Each reality show positioned race as the main factor in the conflicts the cast members experienced while on the show. The shows put the cast members in situations that reinforced “cultural codes” (Bell-Jordan) and stereotypes. The cast members of each of the shows were put into situations that were constantly enforcing racial stereotypes, done on purpose by the producers. In the essay, the author argues that media makes the viewers have a struggle in what they choose to believe. She also states that society participates in an unconscious struggle on how to discern what they see on the television. Society is in a fight to discover what is the meaning behind what they are watching on the television. Viewers are not realizing the material being transmitted to them on the television is causing an impact on how they look at individuals of other races. An individual is unconsciously accepting all that is being transmitted to them, but they must decide how valid what is being portrayed about certain races. Producers give specific roles and place stereotypes on individuals in order to gain viewers. Producers place stereotypes on the cast of their show because it attracts attention from viewers; the producers stereotyped the models on the show Americas Next Top Model. The models were given “roles” that categorize them with a specific race. The "role" the models portray is often dehumanizing to the models and is misinterpreting to who is watching the show. The roles that the models are made to act in gives the viewer t... ... middle of paper ... ...ow they truly are. They must follow what the producers set up for them to do. The photo shoots they participate in are often stereotypical for each girl’s race. They are dressed according to their race and are told how to act, so the picture looks acceptable to how a person of their race looks. The constants on the show are completely stripped of their natural selves and are “clothed” with stereotypes. She writes how the stereotypes serve as a negative purpose. The stereotypes presented in the show America’s Next Top Model has the level of interest viewers are looking for in television shows because it involves drama viewers are searching for when watching television. Stereotypes should not be introduced in media because kids and teenagers are constantly watching what is on TV, and that is a negative and insensitive way of displaying different races and ethnicities.
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