Are Satisfied Employees More Productive?

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Throughout this essay, I would like to critically examine the essence and worth of an employee in any business firm. An employee is any other human being who works for his or her employer in order to earn a living and satisfy his personal wants. Black’s law dictionary defines an employee “as a person who works in the service of another person under an express or contract of hire, under which the employer has the right to control the details of work performance.” An employee is regarded as a firm’s biggest asset, maybe not in reality but as far as benefits are concerned. An investment (salary) made to hire an employee gives a business much more return than a fixed asset might give. An owner of a firm can direct an employee, but not a machine, he can instruct an employee, but not a raw material. An employee thus works according to the whims and fancies of his employer, which establishes a direct relation between the employee and the management.
Any business requires a certain number of employees, in order to complete all its work with thoroughness and efficiency. Some firms need less number of skilled employees, whereas other firms need a larger quantity of employees, whether skilled or not.
An employer appoints his employees after detailed investigation and speculation about the applicant’s qualifications, achievements, work experience, etc. Neither would a businessman would want his employees to be under qualified for the job nor incapable to live up to the job’s expectations.
However, in today’s world, the level of competition has made it difficult for an employee to always get what he may deserve or want. Thus, there is always dissatisfaction among the non-appointed employees. When employees do not get jobs pertaining to their ...

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