Are Guns the Problem?

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Are Guns the Problem?

Over the past few years the United States seems to have a snowballing problem assimilation around guns and violence. This pandemic is not centered on one or two individual states, but rather the entire country as a whole. There seems to be an escalation in gun violence and showdowns in locations from schools to movie theaters. The major population is forced into assuming that these incidents could have been avoided, if guns had been revoked to the public. This however is not at all practical nor realistic, there needs to be a more reasonable and functional solution to ensure that guns are not going to get used in any particular manor that could instigate harm onto other human beings. So many supplementary ideas and possible solutions exists other than discontinuing the sales of firearms which alone stands against our fifth amendment. The current laws and regulations are not working as good solutions to stopping violence generated from guns, but there are some promising solutions such as prohibiting semi-automatic assault firearms, constructing a more vigorous system for purchasing firearms, as well as invoking a method that checks up on the whereabouts of firearms.

When looking at violence, there is a direct correlation with firearms, especially semi-automatic assault weapons. This zone of firearms serves no good purpose when given to the public’s hands and could definitely be removed causing a drop in violence assimilated with firearms. Nick Leghorn reported on the statistics done by National Shooting Sports Foundation on the total sales of semi-automatic firearms. In the study it revealed that semi- automatic handguns where on the rise approximately forty percent. Handguns were not the only semi-automatic...

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...ot conclude that there is no way to end violence assimilation with firearms so many possible solution are there, such as prohibiting unnecessary firearms like semi-automatic weapons, creating or more secure buying methods, or putting into play a new method of checking up on firearm owners. There are so many methods that could help end the unneeded violence with guns.

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