Application of Technology in Classrooms

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Technology not only revolutionized the social aspect of society but also the education system. The purpose of the application of technology in classrooms was to facilitate students' learning as a form of "preparing students for careers, hands-on applications of mathematics and science, critical thinking skills, and life" (Dettelis 1). The incorporation of technology in schools was not easy, yet not impossible. Due to the immense impact and changes technology had on society, education was bound to change. A report submitted to the New York State Education Department, stating "[i]n an era when the world has become increasingly dependent upon technical solutions to problems, educators are challenged to provide individuals with technological literacy as part of the fundamental education" (Dettelis 2). In this excerpt Dettelis challenges educators to offer both students and teachers "technology literacy," so that they can better accommodate, to the new technological dependent era, and take advantage of changes in technology. Individuals such as Barbara L. McCombs, who discusses the importance of Learned-Centered Psychological Principles (LCPs), a project which she presented to the National Governors' Association, as an objective to formulate a solution to the education crisis of the 1990, also urged for the need of technology and technology education in schools, grades K-12, as a form of increasing the "likelihood of more students experiencing success" (McCombs 7). Petitions such as these pushed for a change involving the incorporation of technology in the various education systems around the world. As a result of the technological impact on society the education system was forced to incorporate and enforce the use of technology in sch...

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