Apple's Success In The Apple Company

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History History is something that Apple is rich in. Apples success started first with the incredible genius of Steve Wozniak (The WOZ). The WOZ is the only person “to ever single-handedly design and build a computer from scratch” and this is just part of a list of incredible engineering technical accomplishments Apple has come to be known for (Apple Museum, n.d.). Steve Jobs took the genius of the creation and leveraged it into the largest, most profitable company in the history of the world at the time of his death (Apple Museum, n.d.). Steve and the WOZ changed the way people do everything and no one in our generation has changed the world like these two have (Apple Museum, n.d.). Innovation is how Apple has grown to one of the most successful…show more content…
Apple has been very successful for many years globally and continues to expand the company’s global reach. However Apple has a continued search for new organizational forces. They are driven by basic changes in the nature of competition and the economy. The dispersal of manufacturing creates demands for new structures to align internally and continue with their out sourced units around the world. The operation of apple is managed in geographical basis with headquarters in California and expanding through Europe, Japan, and other countries. Apples international structure has brought countries together in a long term relationship to achieve a common goal for a collaborative work and support system for…show more content…
According to Apple U.S factories are no longer able to match that of overseas gains that have been experienced (Dilger, 2016). The company experiences great gains from producing devices overseas and overseas production facilities offer more favorable workers then U.S. factories. Following the White House’s relaxation of restrictions on exports to the Caribbean country, and the January ruling of the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security, Cuba may be the next place people can find Apple products. Access to the Cuban market will bring it one step closer to its overall goals of global manufacturing and sales. The ruling now allows certain products to be exported to Cuba under a license exemption titled “Support for the Cuban People.” Certain consumer communications devices can now be exported and sold in the country, including PCs, mobile phones, televisions, software and recording devices (Villapaz, 2015). Apple keeps a strong focus on global markets, and the tech giant has enjoyed a strong amount of success in the United States and is now looking towards global

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