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1. a) Stamp Act- The 1765 Stamp Act was the first law Parliament passed directly taxing the colonies on goods and services from Britain. b) Samuel Adams- Samuel Adams was one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty, who was seen as a powerful and influential political figure. c) Townshend Acts- The Townshend Acts was a series of laws passed by the Parliament in 1767, indirectly taxing the colonies on imported material such as glass, tea, and paper coming from Britain. d) Boston Massacre- The Boston Massacre was a clash between British soldiers and colonists in front of the Customs House in 1770, where the British killed five of the colonists. e) Committees of Correspondence- The Committees of Correspondence was a group set up by the assemblies …show more content…

g) King George III- King George III was the king of Britain who was infuriated by the colonists and pushed Parliament to punish the colonists by passing the Intolerable Acts in 1774. h) Intolerable Acts- The Intolerable Acts were laws punishing the Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party by closing the Boston Harbor. i) Marital law-Marital law was passed after the Boston Tea Party, letting the military ruler than civilian authority. j) Minutemen- Minutemen were patriotic civilians who pledged to be ready to fight in short notice with stockpile firearms and gunpowder. 2. The reactions to the Stamp Act were similar to the reactions of the Townshend Acts. Colonists were angered with Britain for issuing such taxation without consulting with representatives from each colony. Reactions towards the Stamp Act led the colonists to establish several groups boycotting the sale of stamp and refused to pay the taxes to Britain. The Townshend Acts had similar reactions, where colonists boycotted and protesting “taxation without

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