Anti-Hero Protagonist in Euripide´s Medea

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Medea the Anti-hero An anti-hero is the protagonist of a story who lacks some attributes almost always present in a hero, such as selflessness and mercy. Where the hero will save the antagonist at the end of the story if such an opportunity presents itself, the anti-hero will most likely leave his or her foe to rot and choose to forgo saving the life of an enemy. The anti-hero might go as far as to hasten the humiliation or death of said enemy to further her or his own agenda. In Euripides’ play, Medea, Medea shows aspects of an anti-hero in how she deals with her problems, such as manipulating others to save her own skin, cursing those who have wronged her and destroying them, and scarcely ever displaying heroic characteristics such as mercy and sympathy; even as she takes Jason’s only hope for solace away. In the second act of Medea, King Creon comes to Medea telling her that she has been banished from his kingdom, citing that she is angry at her husband and he fears for his family; “You, sullen and angry at your husband…I’m afraid of you…afraid you’ll hurt my family irrepa...

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