Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Football Player

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PRINCIPLES OF SPORTS THERAPY ANTERIOR CRUCIATE LIGAMENT INJURY IN FOOTBALL PLAYER ANATOMY Palastanga (2006). Anterior cruciate ligament as two bands, anteromedial attaches anterioriorly on intercondylar eminence of medial plateau of tibia.posterolateral attach on medial aspect of lateral condyle of femur; intermediately twisted. Vascular supply is middle genicular artery. Ekbolm (1994). In foot ball, while side cutting, players perform hip extension and abduction , knee flexion and plantar flexion, the main muscles acting is gluteus maximums for hip extension, abductor magnus, longus for abducting the hip, hamstring as knee flexors ,triceps surae and tibialis posterior as planar flexors. In kicking the ball, movement is knee flexion to knee extension and plantar flexion to dorsiflexion, movement initialised by hamstring knee flexors, and then by quadriceps for knee extension, plantar flexors and dorsiflexors.I Bruckner(2007) In landing, the movement is hip and knee flexion, plantar flexion; the muscles acting are illiopsoas, rectus femoris, sartorious act for hip flexion, hamstrings as knee flexors, gastronemius and tibialis posterior as plantar flexors. Cynthia Norkin (2005). In side cutting and landing, medial and lateral collateral ligament act to prevent valgus/varus stress, in contact injury this ligament resists the blow on medial or lateral aspect of knee. Meniscus, act as a shock absorber of knee. MECHANISM OF ACL INJURY: EllenBecker (2000).ACL injury occurs by contact or non-contact mechanism and overuse. Injury common in non-contact, while side cutting and landing in football. The Severity of the injury de... ... middle of paper ... Heinemann.  Mc Lean et all (2005) Association Between Lower Extremity Posture at Contact and Peak Knee Valgus Moment During Sidestepping: Implication For ACL Injury.Clinical Biomech.v.20 (8); pp (863-70)  Sieroh, all(2007).CryoRehabilitation-The Role of Cryotherapy in Modern Rehabilitation .Fizjoterapia.v.15(2);pp(3-8)  Tarek Souryal et all (2009). Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Taxes Southern Medical Center.  Palastanga N, Field D, Soames R (2006) Anatomy and Human Movement. Structure and Function (4th edition).Butterworth Heinemann.  Prentice E (2006) Arnheims principles of athletic training: competency –based approach. (12th edition).Mc Graw –Hill. New York.  Wojtys et all (1998) Association Between The Menstrual Cycles and Anterior Cruciate

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