Anne Bradstreet Influences

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Anne Bradstreet is own of the earliest treasures to come out of the New World.

Bradstreet’s writings are not only relatable to past and current times, but all people can find their

own meanings to them. Due to her being held to such high standards and achieving them she was

able to produce some of the most amazing writings out of the New World and she still influences

writers today. Her poetry and writing are universal and transcends throughout the ages. She can

still have an impact not only on the elderly but also the people that will read her work in the


Anne Bradstreet was one of the first accomplished writers of the New World. Not only

was she one of the first writers, she was one of the first female writers to …show more content…

“Although she draws heavily

on Sylvester's translation of du Bartas and Helkiah Crooke's anatomical

treatise Microcosmographia (1615), Bradstreet's interpretation of their images is often strikingly

dramatic. Sometimes she uses material from her own life in these historical and philosophical

discourses. For example, in her description of the earliest age of man, infancy, she forcefully

describes the illnesses that assailed her and her children.(Poetry Foundation)”

Bradstreet lived in an age where women were not treated as equal to men. Some may

say that situation is still current today with woman only making 70-80% of what men make in

the working world and women still being viewed as the primary domestic caretakers. With

Bradstreet living in situations that were more prevalent than today, she still had the courage to

write about these in a way that made her point but didn’t mark her as one who should be

disregarded for their views. This was demonstrated in the first edition of THE TENTH MUSE.

“Another poem in the first edition of The Tenth Muse ... that reveals Bradstreet's personal

feelings is "In Honor of that High and Mighty Princess Queen Elizabeth of Happy …show more content…

In a personal caveat underscoring her own dislike of patriarchal

arrogance, Bradstreet points out that women were not always devalued (poetry foundation)”

To be a great writer you have to have the skill and the desire to be a great writer. Most, if

not all of us, don’t just wake up one day and become great composers of any art forms.

Bradstreet is no exception to this rule. Bradstreet surely had a level of natural talent but much of

her talent came from her upbringing and her desire to know more. Granted she wasn’t educated

in a school, she was educated in other ways such as by her father, her extensive reading, and her

never ending dedication to writing.

Bradstreet was not educated in the traditional sense. That was a gift that may women

didn’t receive in her time; instead she gained vast knowledge through her father Thomas Dudley.

“She received an excellent education from her father, who was widely read— Cotton Mather

described Thomas Dudley as a "devourer of books (Poetry Foundation)". Surely through the

education she gained through her father’s knowledge it was reflected in her overall writing.

Due to her father’s career she was able to have an extensive reading list at her

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