Animals Rights and Religion Analysis

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Animals Right and Religion Analysis
In his essay “Religion and Animal Rights," the writer Tom Regan maintains the place that animals are "subjects-of-a-life”, like humans. If we value all beings regardless of the degree of human rationality that are able to act, we must also attribute to animals or as it is called non-human animals as well. All practices involving abuse of animals should be abolished. The animals have an intrinsic value as humans, and stresses that Christian theology has brought unbridled land on the brink of an ecological catastrophe.
Regan begins the essay by stating that " Not a few of people regard the animal rights position as extreme, calling, as it does, for the abolition of certain well-entrenched social practices rather than for their “humane” reform " ( Regan 619 ) . The writer also compares animal rights with humans based on extreme moral positions, such as rape, child pornography and racial discrimination, claiming that “. . . when an injustice is absolute, as is true of each of the example just cited, then one must oppose it absolute. It is not reformed, more humane child pornography than an enlightened ethic calls for: it is abolition that is required “(Regan 620). The writing is totally against hunting animals for sport, dressing in animal skins, and breeding of animals for slaughter. In his view any animal sacrifice is no different from a crime perpetuated a human being. Sacrifice any animal should stimulate the same emotional reaction that a crime a human being. This belief is considered by many as a vision "extremist” of animal rights and generally not widely accepted.
It's hard for me to read this essay and don’t be agree at least with most of what the writer states. I am aware of the great d...

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...evidence and statistics. A vegetarian diet is becoming more and more popular. Scientific data suggest a relation between vegetarian diet and reduced risk for several chronic diseases including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and some type of cancer. All this research should make us think and confirm that God knew what He was talking about when He told us in the Bible what to eat and what no to eat.
For Christians animals “feel pain”. Ignore it would be an absurdity. They also have rights. Not surprisingly there are rules to protect animals and Christians accept them. Four major religious movements such as the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist promote compassion, love and respect for animals. The problem is that the faithful do not always respect these provisions and transform these ideas of universal compassion so that is most suitable to their desires.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes tom regan's essay 'religion and animal rights', in which he argues that animals are "subjects-of-a-life" like humans. christian theology has brought unbridled land on the brink of an ecological catastrophe
  • Analyzes how regan compares animal rights with human rights based on extreme moral positions, such as rape, child pornography, and racial discrimination.
  • Opines that it's hard for them to read this essay and don't agree at least with most of what the writer states. they are aware of the great diseases brought to the world and the need to find solutions.
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