Tom Regan The Case For Animal Rights Summary

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In Tom Regan’s “The case for animal rights.”, Regan argues that animals deserve to have rights because of many reasons. He believes that humans mistreat animals and that we are taking advantage of them. Regan states that not only do we slaughter animals for food, but we use them for multiple tests, clothing, and entertainment as well. To me, although Regan’s argument is very broad, his argument passes by many points that many people don’t think about. Regan believes that animals are a subject of life, they therefore deserve rights of their own. I agree with Regan’s argument, but not his overall conclusion. I agree that we treat animals terribly, but I do not agree that they deserve rights, I believe that we should show animals respect while they are in our “care”. I…show more content…
We as human beings fight for our own rights, but Regan states himself that animals lack many abilities that humans possess, such as speaking. If an animal can’t talk, then we humans make animals rights based on our instinct of what we think they deserve. This is why I feel that all animals deserve respect and not rights. When I think about my rights, the only right I really know about is speaking my mind. I feel that in this generation, one doesn’t care about their right unless they are in danger of losing them. The one thing all human beings do know about, is respect. Regan addresses how we treat animals before we slaughter them. Before we slaughter 9 billion chickens, they live in windowless sheds that never get clean, and health wise, they have broken bones and they grow crazy fast so we can eat them faster and make room for more chickens.In the 42 million cows we kill each year, we feed them dirty and unsanitary food while also giving them antibiotics to fight off diseases, which means when we eat them/ drink the milk produced by them, we never know if we are at risk of whatever disease they have. Regan states “The fundamental wrong is
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